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Behind The Design

Baby boomers in Charlotte build their dream kitchen.


Client Profile:

This new phase of Dave and Kathy Morehead’s life saw them move from their large, stately family home in Charlotte to a classic, Shingle-style bungalow within blocks of a great shopping area. The Moreheads made a conscious move to live an active life in less space, leaving a smaller footprint. The yard is large enough for a vegetable garden. Dave has a busy volunteer schedule and Kathy works part-time and enjoys her hobbies that center around her garden. They recycle and compost. They love to cook together and were successful this year with their first attempt at canning.

The Challenge:

The Moreheads agreed that they would keep the authentic character of the exterior, but wanted the interior to be classic, sophisticated and earth-friendly. Since their years in college during the anti-war era, it has been important to them to be environmentally conscious, but they will not sacrifice their aesthetic vision.

The Solution:

Their kitchen developed from a desire for a sleek yet warm feel, with simple lines that are easy to maintain. Both love to cook, but neither is crazy about extra cleaning to make things look great. In this simple design with elegant materials, the efficient and flush-installed appliances play a vital role. Using LED under-cabinet and above-cabinet lighting combines their preference for new, energy-saving technology with their plans to live beautifully in this home for years to come.

• All homeowners appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



Energy Efficiency:

Energy-efficient appliances are a must for environmentally conscious homes, but performance is equally important. Bosch appliances perform beautifully and are easy to maintain. Separating the cooktop from the oven makes it easy for both cooks to be in control.


Fresh Air & Ventilation:

Awning windows allow for both light and storage on the same wall. When cooking, the windows should remain closed so the hood drafts out properly. When the hood is not in use, fresh air can be brought into the room. Remember to plan for replacement air when using a high-CFM hood.



LED lighting and water-efficient faucets support the desire for a green kitchen beautifully. The hand-painted, classic schoolhouse lighting is a nod to the Craftsman era in which this house was built. When combining incandescent, fluorescent and LED lighting, be sure to match the Kelvin ratings as closely as possible. 2700 Kelvin is a good color for interior lighting and can be achieved in most kinds of light sources.



A 600 CFM hood ensures indoor air quality, which is as important as outdoor air quality.


Raised Counter:

The raised counter (42" high) for bar stools is preferred by some clients who want a kitchen open to another space but want to break the line of sight slightly. It also keeps the working counter separate from the “visiting” counter.



Corner Pantry:

Carefully consider the corner use, especially in small but open kitchens. A corner walk-in pantry serves clients’ needs with 18" and 24" deep shelves floor to ceiling. A single panel of frosted glass also adds architectural interest.


Cabinet Towers:

Mid-high cabinet towers are a great solution for getting two ovens in an ergonomically friendly position without adding bulk. This tower balances the weight of the back wall but also leaves the peninsula airy and open. The raised countertop continues across the back of the cabinet, giving the appearance of slicing through it.


Sleek Design:

The sleek doorstyle and flat, trim appliances form a combined, unified shape, without depth confusion.



Styleboard Materials

This kitchen reflects a movement toward environmental consciousness and simplicity. Counters made from recycled glass and paper reflect recycling concerns. Cork for flooring not only supports a renewable story but is also a comfortable solution for active people at the end of the day.

Cabinet Doors:

Recycled glass/cement.

Raised Countertop:
Composite made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, our own phenolic resins and natural pigments.

Fireclay tile, 2" x 8" offset.

Cork, 12" x 24" planks.

33" stainless steel.

Single-level with integrated light.

Cabinet Pulls:
Antique silver.

Light Fixture:
Hand-blown translucent glass with polished nickel fitter union.

Products In This Kitchen

30" Combination Wall Oven 800 Series
Top features a speed microwave oven, bottom features a wall oven with a QuietClose™ door.

30" Gas Cooktop 800 Series
Our award-winning five-burner gas cooktop offers the ability to cook more at once.

30" Under-Cabinet Wall Hood 800 Series
Quickly and quietly clears the air of smoke and odors.

Recirculation Kit

Charcoal Filter Kit

24" Bar Handle 44 dBA Dishwasher 800 Series
The 3rd rack offers 30% more loading area.* Perfect for ramekins, cooking utensils and extra-long silverware.
*Compared to a Bosch dishwasher with two racks.

36" French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator 800 Series
Installs flush in all major cutouts and features LED lighting for easier viewing.

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