ENERGY STAR® 2021 Partner of the Year

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Enery Star award

Bosch USA earns 2021 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award!

Bosch USA is proud to announce that the company has received the 2021 ENERGY STAR 2021 Partner of the Year Award* from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.

*The 2021 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award was received by Bosch Home Appliances USA and is not transferable to Bosch Home Appliance Canada.

Save Energy. Save Money. Protect the Planet.

Each year, the ENERGY STAR program honors a group of businesses and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through superior energy achievements. ENERGY STAR Award Winners lead their industries in the production, sale, and adoption of energy-efficient products, services, and strategies. These efforts are essential to fighting the climate crisis and protecting public health.

Bosch refrigerator doors opened

All Bosch refrigerators are ENERGY STAR® certified.

ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators are about 9% more energy efficient than models that meet the federal minimum energy efficiency standard*.

*Source: U.S. EPA Consumer Messaging Guide for ENERGY STAR(R) Certified Appliances, August 2018.

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Energy Efficient Features

High-Efficiency Compressors

High-efficiency compressors create less heat when they are running, use less energy, and are often quieter than standard compressors*. Bosch models with dual compressors and evaporators allow the refrigerator and freezer to operate independently while also contributing to a lower output level for greater energy efficiency.

Eco mode for refrigerators

Eco Mode

Eco Mode automatically adjusts temperatures in the appliance to reduce required cooling capacity and the appliance runs in an eco-friendly, energy-saving setting.

Bosch led lighting control

LED Lighting

LED lighting is featured throughout for optimal visibility and low energy consumption.

Vacation mode for refrigerators

Vacation Mode

If leaving the appliance for a long period, energy-saving Vacation Mode can be activated from the control panel or through the Home Connect app.

*Source: U.S. EPA Consumer Messaging Guide for ENERGY STAR(R) Certified Appliances, August 2018.
**As compared to a Bosch refrigerator without FarmFresh System™. Results may vary among different foods.

Bosch dishwasher on white shelving

All Bosch Dishwashers are ENERGY STAR® Certified.

Bosch is proud to offer a complete line-up of award-winning, ENERGY STAR® certified dishwasher models in numerous sizes, styles and finishes for seamless integration into any kitchen design and to fit individual lifestyle needs.

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Energy Efficient Features:

Stay on top of your energy and water consumption.

Smart Bosch dishwashers with Home Connect™ are designed to save energy. Their modern sensor technology keeps an eye on the wash cycle. The EasyStart assistant in the app automatically selects the most efficient program to ensure that less electricity and water are used.

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Bosch eco cycle mode for dishwashers

Eco Cycle Mode

Eco cycle uses less energy with lower temperatures and a shorter cycle length. Perfect for lightly soiled dishes.

Half load program for dishwashers

Half the load, twice the fun.

Programs like "Half Load" are recommended for smaller loads that fill approximately half of the dishwasher's capacity, no matter how you load your dishes. That way, you save both energy and money.

Stopwatch with time pointed at 60 seconds

PureDry® – our core drying system

All Bosch dishwashers use the PureDry® closed drying system, with no exposed heating element for energy-efficient drying that is safe on plastics.

Bosch washer and dryer stacked with washer door open
500 Series ENERGY STAR Most Efficient in 2021 models

The 500 Series washer and dryer have been awarded the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient mark in 2021.

The 500 Series Washer & Dryer are one of the Few 24" Pairs Awarded the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Mark in 2021, offering the most efficient dryer in its class* with a 60 percent reduction in energy use**, the pair is perfect for those seeking sustainable, effective, ventless and compact laundry solutions.

*Based on DOE/EPA energy test procedures of compact dryers ≤24 inches with ENERGY STAR certification
**(In kWh/year) As compared to ≤24 inch ventless, condensate dryers with ENERGY STAR certification

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Bosch washer and dryer stacked with washer door open

All Bosch Washers and Dryers are ENERGY STAR® Certified.

Energy Efficient Features:

Bosch Aquastop Leak Protection

Water Efficiency

Bosch washers clean your clothes just like standard models, without wasting water by filling up the tub. Instead, these machines use sophisticated wash systems to cycle clothes through a mixture of water and detergent, allowing the clothes to be scrubbed and cleaned without using excess water or detergent.

Woman putting clothes in washer

Stay on top of your energy and water consumption.

With the Home Connect™ app, the Energy Monitor feature enables users to monitor and understand the water and energy impact of wash programs and wash options.

No Ducting Needed

The Bosch 300 & 800 Series Condensation Dryers use an eco-friendly solution to gently dry clothes at an optimal temperature without the need of external ducting. Bosch condensation dryers are engineered to efficiently reduce drying times.

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Bosch ecosilence motor system

EcoSilence Motor

The EcoSilence™ Motor is energy efficient and quiet in operation with an especially long life. It features a brushless motor, which makes the SpeedPerfect™ mode quieter than previous Bosch models and provides a more efficient performance cycle.

Energy star hoods

ENERGY STAR® Certified Bosch Hoods.

Bosch offers ENERGY STAR® certified hoods* that deliver high-performance ventilation with sleek European design. Bosch hoods operate with minimal sound output to ensure a quiet and comfortable cooking experience. They are certified to meet light wattage, energy efficiency, and warranty standards**. This hood technology allows superior ventilation with minimized energy output.

*2.8 CFM/W or better fan efficiency and 2.0 sones or less sound output

** Light Sources can be florescent sources or LED Light engines and must meet specific performance criteria. The specification also sets minimum efficacy levels and maximum sound levels allowed by ENERGY STAR ®. Warranty provided must be a minimum of a year.

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Bosch Achieved Carbon Neutrality in all BSH Locations Worldwide.

At BSH, we are committed to supporting the fight against climate change. Since the end of 2020, all BSH locations worldwide operate carbon-neutral. That means, at our locations all BSH products are developed and manufactured without leaving a carbon footprint behind.

We also address what we cannot directly influence ourselves. Specifically, we are cutting CO2 emissions throughout the entire product lifecycle – including the procurement of goods and the usage of our sold products. We aim for a 15 percent reduction by 2030.

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