Dishwashers with perfect drying results

The Dishdryer among Dishwashers.

The Dishdryer among Dishwashers.

Dries as perfectly as it cleans: The Bosch PerfectDry dishwasher based on Zeolith – for perfect drying results, even on plastic dishes.

Many dishwashers can clean plastic. This one gets it dry for you.

Many dishwashers can clean plastic. This one gets it dry for you.

No matter if lunchboxes, salad bowls, plates or baby bottles – plastic dishes are often the most appropriate choice in our daily life. But useful as they may be, cleaning them in the dishwasher often means more work: Most of the times the dishes are still wet and need to be dried by hand. With the PerfectDry dishwasher based on Zeolith you can put away your plastic dishes immediately into the cupboard when the dishwasher is finished. And without having to dry them by hand first.

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PerfectDry based on Zeolith. For perfect drying results even on plastic dishes.

Our PerfectDry dishwasher already did the work for you with a perfect drying performance for your dishes with an even, strong, yet gentle 3D air flow. Bosch PerfectDry dishwashers based on Zeolith take in humidity and transform this into warm air. Additionally an ExtraDry option increases the drying power if needed.So that your dishware and now even plastic dishes – are not only brilliantly clean, they are also perfectly dry. PerfectDry based on Zeolith delivers perfect results over the entire lifespan of your Bosch dishwasher.

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Dish washer

I don't have this exact one but it is close , the dishwasher I have is older but has been one of the best I have had it cleans great and not one minute of trouble.

Loved the features

I bought this machine after doing a lot of research. The features I like the most are the folding tines and the adjustable rack for glasses. With my previous machine, I couldn't put my good dishes into the machine due to their size. Now it is not an issue!! I hadn't noticed the fact that this machine has the top third rack, but it is turning out to be very handy. By taking out the large cutlery rack, there is now a lot more room in the bottom rack. And cutlery no longer nests together, so they are cleaner. I find I am not doing dishes as often as I used to due to the extra usable space. I also find that the Speed 60 cycle does a good job on my dishes and I do not need to use the longer cycles. All in all, I am thrilled with the new machine!


This model is so quiet, I now understand why it comes with a floor light!! Good idea Bosch. With three trays available to us, we are really enjoying trying out different loading techniques. Going to start assigning elbowing penalties to see who gets to load!

So Quiet Looks great

This is a great dishwasher. It is so quiet and does a great job cleaning the dishes. No need to pre rinse, everything gets so clean. Love It.

Amazing dishwasher

When we got this dishwasher our old one had died a few months before. But money was thought so the dishes got washed by hands by us and our kids. Needless to say when a sale was just too good to pass we decided it was time to get a new dishwasher. I never had a Bosh dishwasher before and I think we would definitively get a Bosh if this one would have issues. The dishwasher is super quiet and can run while we watch a movie in the living room located next to the kitchen. Something we would not have done before... Only issue is that you have to rinse carefully and scrub the dishes before putting it in for a run. If not food stays stuck obnoxious plates and bowls. So when getting this dishwasher expect some adjustment in how you do things.

I’m in love

I love my Bosch dishwasher I can’t believe how clean my dishes get now ,everyday I look forward to turn on my dishwasher and brag to all my friends that I will never go without a Bosch in my home Thankyou Bosch well done
Clean in design. Brilliantly easy to use.

Clean in design. Brilliantly easy to use.

The TFT-Displays of Bosch dishwashers let you select programs intuitively from a plain-text menu with a real-time display, and gives you status information at a glance. Furthermore the TFT-Display offers useful information about saving water and energy. In addition, the display indicates the salt and rinse aid levels.

Silent as a whisper.

Silent as a whisper.

The kitchen is more than just a room for cooking. It is a place for living, a place to feel at home, whether it is working, sleeping, reading, listening to music, playing with the kids or working at home. That’s why we made our Bosch dishwashers especially quiet during operation. And for a peaceful atmosphere, the extra-quiet Silence program allows you to run your dishwasher in the most quiet operation mode. This is especially valuable when the kitchen and living room are one combined room.

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Our bodyguard for all kinds of glass.

Our bodyguard for all kinds of glass.

Glasses are used daily – it’s easiest to clean and dry them in a dishwasher and they should look as new and durable as possible. Our dishwashers take special care of your precious glassware. The Glass 40°C program gently cleans delicate glasses with perfect drying results. An extra GlassSecure Tray that can be securely placed in the lower basket delivers brilliant results and extra safety for wine glasses – simply by holding all types of long-stemmed items in a scratch-free and stable position. And precise glass protection offers durable shine protection: Bosch offers a valve-controlled, balanced composition of hard and soft water. Shine is retained even after numerous washing cycles.

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Bosch quality throughout the entire series: our dishwasher range.

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PerfectDry based on Zeolith
Perfect drying results, even on plastics.
ExtraDry option
Extra-thorough drying option for difficult-to-dry loads.
* *
Silence program
The most silent way to run your dishwasher.
Retains the luminous shine of your glasses, even after many wash cycles.
Automatic balance of water hardness at a sustainable and optimal level.
GlassSecure Tray
Secure positioning of wine glasses, perfect clean and dry.
Glass 40°C program
Protective program for gently cleaning and drying glasses.
Home Connect
Connected home appliances for an easier everyday life.
* *
*depending on product
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