Winners For The Bosch Product Review Contest.

Thank you to all for your reviews and participation.

Contest is open to all legal residents of Canada.
2016 Bosch® Review Contest Official Rules

Congratulations to the following
monthly winners

Prize PeriodMonthly Winners
February 2016Nash R - Thornhill, ON
March 2016Sarah S - Burlington, ON
April 2016Traci A - Odessa, ON
May 2016Bill N - Ingleside, ON
June 2016Adam M - Lethbridge, AB
July 2016Doreen C - Hanmer, ON
August 2016Allen L - Thornhill, ON
September 2016Paul V - Sainte-Julie, QC
October 2016Renaud D - Quebec, QC
November 2016Rainer F - Eden Mills, ON
December 2016Jehan R A - Toronto, ON
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